Work with dr d. to develop a team/organization specific programs to optimize individual and group elite performance.  Enhance individual skills, decision making, and strategic outcomes on the field or in the boardroom. 

Work with dr. d and TierOne Performance Consulting to develop a tailored plan for your group and learn how to integrate performance mind training into all aspects of your program. For more information, click below.

Coach/HR Professional 

Become a certified mind training coach.

Learn the science and practice of performance mindfulness and learn the skills to apply cognitive-based programs to optimize the performance of your team or organization. 

For more information about becoming a certified performance mind training coach, email dr. d and check-out the TierOne Performance Institute below.

performance psychology
performance psychology
performance psychology

PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGIST - RESEARCHER - WRITER:  My passion is optimizing performance in every domain of human endeavor and illuminating the human condition.  Work with me and experience what is possible.

Remember - Put your mind on what matters.

Take an affordable online or blended elite performance optimization program at the TierOne Performance Institute.  These programs are designed to put you in the drivers seat of your own elite development. For more information, click below.

Elite athletes and executives

Learn about the performance floor and how it is keeping you buried in the pack with your competition.

Develop the skills to break from the pack by working with dr. d or taking an elite performance online workshop.

Work with dr. d and TierOne Performance Consulting to develop an individual mental performance optimization plan for your sport or tryout. For more information, click below.

performance psychology