Everyone has a story, let me tell yours

An Unsent Letter recognized in the Proud To Be short story anthology Vol. 3 - Southern Missouri State University Press.

~~But I know better, I sweated and laughed and cried with the old face. Drank shots and chased women. The new face doesn’t do that. The new face hides the old eyes that are now vacant, maybe so filled with something so big that the new face is unable to give words to it so the eyes just give up and become black holes, sucking everything in, but letting nothing out.

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Pieces of Her selected as a finalist in the Wilda Hearne Flash Fiction Contest.

~~In the sitting room she began tearing a hundred little pieces of paper. On each piece she wrote a note to him. A note of endearment, a note of special secrets they shared, notes of encouragement, of their future, things that made them laugh, of amorous nights, one that simply said LOVE. Each note was a part of her, each note was different. She could feel her presence diminishing with each letter and each word.

​Four Shots and Three Funerals​ recognized as the short story finalist in the Proud To Be short story anthology Vol. 4 - Southern Missouri State University Pres.

~~ Have you ever watched a widow or mother during the 21-gun salute,” asked the stranger?

            Weasel shook his head from side to side, fearing to make anything more than a subtle gesture.

            “First they jump – they all jump. Then they start to cry – they all cry. Then as the salute ends, you hear the last expended cartridge as it whistles to the ground…there is no other sound like it in the world, the hollow sound of tumbling brass through the air.”

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