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Family of slain man must wait longer for justice

     The deputies responsible for killing Marvin Booker, 56, in a Denver jail on July 9 last year were cleared of any wrong doing by Charles Garcia the Denver Manager of Safety this week.
     Surveillance camera footage, shown to the family for the first time on Tuesday, nearly 10 months after the slaying, shows Booker pulling away from Deputy Faun Gomez at 3:35 a.m. to retrieve his shoes before going to booking.  In the video a bigger and taller Gomez grabs the 135 pound homeless street preacher, 26 seconds later Booker was on the ground under Deputies James Grimes, Ken Robinette, and Kyle Sharp. 
     "They squished him to death so much so his legs went straight up in the air because there was no life in him," said Booker's brother.

Colorado national leader of inmate abuse

     An independent investigation this week found that the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) had seven times the national average of inmates in solitary confinement and many of those in the harsh segregation units were mentally ill.
     The investigation was conducted after complaints by family members and civil rights groups accusing CDOC of warehousing the mentally ill to justify building new prisons.
     Out-of-state consultants Dr. James Austin of the National Institute of Corrections and Emmitt Sparkman, deputy commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Corrections, conducted the investigation. 
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