As I prepared for one of the biggest training sessions of my life, Pro Day at Stanford University, I was introduced to Dr. Dutch.  In addition to becoming a close friend and mentor, Dutch provided me with incredible insight through his mind training program.  Through his techniques, I was able to sharpen my mind, have laser focus, and exceed expectations at Pro Day (clocking personal bests in every single event in front of the NFL Scouts).  Dutch simplifies the complex neuroscience and does a thorough job sharing the "whys" of mind training.  I strongly recommend his training program to people in all phases of life, especially athletes.  Dutch is a world-class individual that provides world-class training.

Dallas Lloyd - Stanford University Strong Safety

It’s one thing to tell your athletes to be mentally tough, yet another thing to teach them HOW to be mentally tough.  Dr. Dutch and his TierOne program teach you HOW to teach your athletes to be mentally tough – giving your athletes the ability to keep their minds on what matters in NOW, in stress of the moment, in the heat of competition.

Sheri Goodwin, NAIA All-American Athlete
High School Cross-Country and Track Coach

The training provided by Dr. Dutch and TierOne helped me to become a more proficient coach not only because of the ability to implement mind training, but also because I better understand the intrinsic barriers to learning and performance my players encounter. I use what I have learned on the field and in meetings. As a bonus, I'm now able to evaluate myself as a coach in regards to focus and in-game performance. Using the training on myself, I have become a more attentive, calmer, and fulfilled mentor to my players.

Joe Ashfield - Stanford University assistant football coach

Elite Athlete Performance

Whether you are an elite athlete, coach, or executive - TierOne and dr. d can elevate your game.

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Remember - Put your mind on what matters.